The Assessment & Research toolkit contains resources and templates to help you prepare, conduct, and communicate your assessments and evaluations. 

Assessment Foundations

Equity-minded Assessment - Reflect on how your assessment may be either feeding into cycles of perpetuating inequities or can serve to bring more equity within the University of Arizona. Identify recommendations for practice and other resources to support equity-minded assessment. 

Assessment Cycle - Use this framework to implement systematic and ongoing assessment of learning and programs.

Data Collection

Data Collection Methods - Consider methods of data collection for your assessment project.

Department Student Data Planning Guide - Informs the development of a strategy to collect, manage, and prepare department-level data used to inform student experiences and their success. 

Student Learning Outcomes - Write measurable and useful student learning outcomes using the A-B-C-D method with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy.


Rubrics - Develop your own rubric or use available templates to measure intended outcomes.

Selection Bias - Explore strategies to mitigate selection bias in your assessment of student success programs and services.

Focus Group Template - Use these resources to create a consent form for student participants and formulate a script with guided questions for your focus group facilitation.

Survey Methodology

Survey Planning - Planning your survey using this guide will support student privacy, response rates, and use of survey results. 
Survey Administration - If a survey is the right assessment tool for you, implement these survey distribution strategies to determine your sampling method and increase response rates. 
Inclusive and Functional Demographic Questions - Use demographic questions which support inclusivity, intersectionality, and quantitative methods.  
Survey Privacy Statement - Uphold the University of Arizona Privacy Principles through the incorporation of a privacy statement in your survey. 
Likert Survey Questions - Review guidelines on how to best formulate Likert scale questions and responses to mitigate bias and produce valid and useful results. 

Communicate Findings 

Reporting Methods and Products - Tailor the communication of your assessment results to your audience using this matrix of options.