Assessment in the AM Workshops & Trainings

Student Success Conference 2021: Strategies for Assessing Co-Curricular Student Learning

April 11 | Registration with the Conference

Student co-curricular activities are often integrated with the academic experience or completed outside of the classroom. These experiential learning opportunities may also be defined as high-impact practices (e.g. undergraduate research, internships) due to the high levels of knowledge and skill development which support successful career and graduate school outcomes following graduation. Co-curricular experiences have also been found to be one factor that leads to higher rates of student persistence and completion among students who participate. This session will introduce tactics to successfully assess co-curricular student learning and showcase examples of University of Arizona co-curricular assessments.   


  • Laura Andrews, Sr. Research Analyst, Student Success & Retention Innovation
  • Jennifer Cubeta, Director of Undergraduate biology Research Program (UBRP)
  • Megan Forecki, Coordinator of Assessment & Research, Student Engagement & Career Development
  • Lucas Schalewski, Director of Assessment & Research, Office of the Provost

Assessing Structures for Serving and Indicators of Servingness as a Hispanic Serving Institution

Thursday, April 14 | 9:00-10:30am | Hybrid: Zoom RSVP & Bear Down Building - 302 

Garcia et al. (2019) outline structures for serving and three types of related indicators of servingness within a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI): 1) Academic outcomes, 2) Nonacademic outcomes, and 3) Experiences within the structures. Systematic assessment of structures for serving and indicators is critical to understand how HSIs are achieving the mission of servingness and identify actions for continuous improvement. Recommendations for assessment practice will be shared with UA examples to inform your assessment efforts. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own existing assessment project materials or ideas with them. The last half-hour will be used to provide individualized support.


  • Marla Franco, Assistant Vice Provost for Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives
  • Lucas Schalewski, Director of Assessment & Research
  • Kendra Thompson-Dyck, Sr. Research Analyst in Assessment & Research

Cutting through the Noise: Leveraging Data Visualization for Successful Communication of Results

Thursday, May 5 | 9:00-10:30am | Hybrid:  Zoom RSVP  & Bear Down Building - 302 

Effective data visuals are key to conveying the impact of our work to stakeholders and decision makers. But, we are increasingly faced with a dizzying array of options and increased expectations. How do we visualize data in ways that are easy, effective, and inclusive? This session will introduce a framework for evaluating and building data visualizations that includes key decision points such as selecting a chart type, simplifying standard visuals, and using techniques like color to strategically enhance visuals. Attendees will leave with a range of examples and resources to make building effective data visuals. The last part of the workshop includes hands-on feedback for those who are currently in the process of developing their own data visualizations.


  • John Dennis, Research Analyst in Assessment & Research
  • Kendra Thompson-Dyck, Sr. Research Analyst in Assessment & Research