A&R's Data Bytes from 2015-2018 showcase this form of reporting as an effective communication tool.  



Campus Health Services Leads Nation as Top Ranked Program (March 2018)

Freshman Student Retention Continues to Rise with Support of First Year Programs & Services (February 2018)

Supporting Student Well-Being through Legal Services (January 2018)

Learning Outcomes Maximized among Engaged SALT Center Students (November 2017)

Student Engagement Supports Career-Readiness (September 2017)

UA Online: Advancing Undergraduate Enrollment Growth with Distinguished National Recognition (April 2017)

Transfer Enrollment Gains Supported by Enhanced UA Transfer Services and Experiences (March 2017)

UA Campus Pantry: Combating Food Insecurity among Students (February 2017)

UA Students Pursue their Purpose with 100% Engagement (January 2017)

Access and Retention of Native American Students is on the Rise (December 2016)

Pathways of Student Involvement that Maximize First Year Retention (November 2016)

UA Health Promotion and Preventive Services: Alochol Use among UA Students is Decreasing (October 2016)

Residence Life: Engaging and Supporting the First Year Student Experience (September 2016)

Campus Recreation Participation Supports Students' Well-Being and Retention (April 2016)

Supporting Students' Career and Graduate School Readiness (March 2016)

Peer Learning Engagement Supports UA Student Retention (February 2016)

Blue Chip Leadership: Supporting Freshman Retention and Student Engagement (January 2016)

Early Academic Alerts: Timely Indicators for Targeted Student Interventions (November 2015)

Scholarships and Grants on the Rise among UA Undergraduates (October 2015)